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The former farm „Schermer“ from 1820 is a cultural highlight, located in the historic center of Erfenbach, a district of Kaiserslautern.  
Throughout the year, numerous events take place under the motto


around the farm yard such as model railway operation and exhibition days, brewery fest, vintage cars excursions, courtyard parties, whisky tastings and much more.

The “Schermerhof” with the "Bachbahn Museum", the "Bachbahn Brewery" an the House of Artists "Kunst am Gleis" can be visited during the regular opening hours. Groups of up to 20 people also have the option of an expert tour of the Bachbahn Museum and a tour of the artist studios.
There is also the option for group meals. Since the dates are limited, please inquire using the contact information provided.


Erfenbach is one of the villages which was efficiently connected to the general railroad network by the so-called Bachbahn.
The Bachbahn was a 16.5 km long branch line. It started at the Lampertsmühle-Otterbach train station and ended at the Reichenbach-Steegen station.  
The Bachbahn owed its name to the locations along its route - they all end with ‚-bach‘:  Otterbach, Erfenbach, Siegelbach, Rodenbach, Weilerbach, Schwedelbach and Reichenbach.
Details are explained using models that in particular show the situation in the vicinity of all stations of the former Bachbahn and are constantly being expanded.
With a model railway in gauge 0 with a length of approx. 180 m, the Bachbahn railway line can be experienced again in miniature.
There is also the possibility to sit in an original interior of a dining car and and indulge in the romanticism of the railway with loving details such as a replica of a ticket counter.



How it all began:
Erfenbach should have its own beer! The idea emerged with the development of the Bachbahn Museum and was quickly put into practice. The small brewery is located in the Bachbahn Museum. The brewmaster is Andreas Schlichting who learned his trade at the BBK brewery and obtained his master brewer’s diploma in Weihenstephan.  
The master brewer brews a dark, naturally cloudy beer from his three favorite types of malt.  From ‚Märzen‘ the full-bodied taste, fromBock the fruitiness and from the ‚Bavarian dark‘ the color. The hop note comes from ‚Pilsener‘.
The composition:
Brewed from three distinctive malts (Munich malt, Caramel aroma malt and Pilsener malt) combine different beer styles in the dark beer. Two hops varieties are used: Ariana and Blanc from the Hallertau. Naturally, it is brewed with Erfenbacher water, soft and fresh.
The taste:
Fruity like a Bockbier, with a malty aroma like a Märzen, with the color of a Bavarian dark beer and the hop note of a light Pilsener.



The love of art unites artists who represent different art styles in the artists' house 'Kunst am Gleis'. They come together in studios in the former farmer’s house Schermer and present different genres of abstract, representational, digital painting and mixed media art.
A restorer is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of paintings and sculptures.
The granary, where the grain was once stored and which has been preserved in its historical condition, offers a platform for works of art. There, a very special atmosphere unfolds in the interplay of rough, rural architecture and contemporary art. Color meets roof tiles, filigree and abstract elements on rustic beams. Shadow meets light, viewer meets art.
On the ground floor of the house there is a room that can be used for various courses. It opens onto the courtyard with its cottage garden.
The open artists' house also offers visitors and interested parties the opportunity to talk to the artists. You are welcome to visit the studios and peek over the shoulders of the artists.

In addition, the Schermerhof is home of the initiative
Treffpunkt Dorfkultur (Erfenbach village culture meeting point)  

Another gallery available to Schermerhof visitors is located in the former shoemaker’s shop, Jakob Werth Schuhmacherei, at Siegelbacher Str. 96.

Siegelbacher Str. 113
67659 Kaiserslautern-Erfenbach

By car: Parking at Marktplatz on Jahnstr. or at  Sparkasse on Stauchwiesen
Closest bus stops: Brunnenring/Denkmal Kaiserslautern-Erfenbach, approx. 50m to the Schermerhof

email: info@schermerhof.de

Kunst am Gleis“ (Art Gallery): Every first Sunday of the month from 2pm to 5pm
Bachbahnmuseum“: Every first Sunday of the month from 11am to 5pm              
The Bachbahn Museum can also be visited every Tuesday and Friday from 3pm to 5pm and you can look over the shoulders of model builders at work. There will be no modeltrain driving operations on these days.

Schermerhof -  Siegelbacher Str. 113 - 67659 Kaiserslautern-Erfenbach  -  Tel.: 01702046245  -  E-Mail: info@schermerhof.de  -  Impressum
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